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PAA27 Pete Desjardins Canada
PAA26 Cordel Cerer United States
PAA25 Dan Molash United States
PAA24 Todd Wincek United States
PAA23 Todd Kirkwood United States
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FUNcars Available - 08/05/2015
Dangerous Approach #2 - 07/18/2015
Flight Jobs Available - 07/15/2015
Nascar Tour - 07/11/2015
Charter Center Available - 07/02/2015
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FUNcars Available

Flight Unlimited Network VA Custom Acars!

Now available in Downloads.

Posted by Dan McMahan on 08/05/2015
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Airline Flt # PIC Aircraft Dep Arr Submitted Landing Status
PAA123459 Pete Desjardins DC3 CYMM CYEG 11/05/2017 -49 fpm Arrived
PAA123459 Clifford Barry B737 CYUL CYYZ 04/13/2017 -335 fpm Arrived
PAA123459 Clifford Barry B737 CYUL CYYZ 04/13/2017 -340 fpm Arrived
KLM442 Clifford Barry B737 CYYZ CYUL 04/13/2017 -221 fpm Arrived
DAL1355 Dan McMahan B737 KATL KEYW 04/08/2017 -573 fpm Arrived
DAL1080 Dan McMahan B739 KSTL KATL 03/31/2017 -323 fpm Arrived
SWA2427 Clifford Barry B737 KMCI KSTL 03/31/2017 -281 fpm Arrived
SWA2427 Dan McMahan B737 KMCI KSTL 03/31/2017 -189 fpm Arrived
AAL1038 Clifford Barry B739 CYYZ KDFW 03/31/2017 -253 fpm Arrived
AAL1040 Dan McMahan B737 CYYZ KDFW 03/31/2017 -533 fpm Arrived
FLG3364 Dan McMahan B738 KDTW KJFK 03/30/2017 -256 fpm Arrived
DAL1832 Clifford Barry B737 KMCI KDTW 03/30/2017 -702 fpm Arrived
DAL1369 Dan McMahan B738 KMCI KDTW 03/29/2017 -280 fpm Arrived
FDX123459 Clifford Barry B737 KATL KMCI 03/29/2017 -206 fpm Arrived
FDX123459 Dan McMahan B737 KATL KMCI 03/29/2017 -125 fpm Arrived